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Hi, first of all, great game! Found it via your crosspost on Sierra Lee's patreon and am awestruck with it! :)
I have some issues with 'train for hunting special items' though:

- I successfully found a potato, but my Dolphy seems to have vanished doing that.

- I only got to clear the objective in the instinct tree and learn crafting the next round after I found the item. That is to say, after I rested. Which isn't a big issue per se, but I kept looking around and reloading a few times before I just gave up, it was just confusing.

- I can only train for hunting as long as I still have all 5 unused actions of that round, even though it says, for example, 2 turns for Inker with 78 intelligence. When I try to let that Inker train with only 4 or less actions left, it says 'Not enough turns are available for the task'.

Not sure if any or all of those or bugs or working as intended, but I thought I'd let you know.

Anyways, thanks for the game, looking forward to seeing it develop further! :)

I hear you. Will try to improve the confusions. The trained monster can be found via Map > Intelligence, where you can summon it to return.

Ooohhhh, it kept collecting, I didn't get that. Thnks a bunch! ^^