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Ty for playing my game and finally making a video about it xD

you are talking alot about the ''ding ding ding'' sound and you are saying that i need to remove it but i think its a good thing to have because then the player know that the game is starting and not just only have the countdown i tried to fix it with a better sound but i can hear that its not good i will look it to that! :) 

but i hope that i made the game more scary with the new sounds? 

The atmosphere was better with the new sounds. The ding ding ding sound just seems too jeopardy to me. My thoughts on that is when you're playing a horror type game you are relatively focused on the game itself so timers etc. you'll be watching. Especially in the beginning when you do a level you're ready but at 5 seconds it dings for each second as an indicator but as a player you would be watching the time for when you can begin without any sound like notification.