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Excellent game! AI Is a bit rough with the pathing and speed. Had some issues trying to get past the AI. Overall creepy vibe but I feel the AI should be dialed down just a tad but that's in my opinion. The game creates an excellent atmosphere and is well done. Congrats to the Dev keep it up and maybe add an easy mode possibly haha. Well thanks though for taking the time to craft something that provides an excellent experience.

The atmosphere was better with the new sounds. The ding ding ding sound just seems too jeopardy to me. My thoughts on that is when you're playing a horror type game you are relatively focused on the game itself so timers etc. you'll be watching. Especially in the beginning when you do a level you're ready but at 5 seconds it dings for each second as an indicator but as a player you would be watching the time for when you can begin without any sound like notification. 

Hey there Biebob!

I replayed it with the new update and I must say nice! The game is much better in my opinion. I made a video this time hope you enjoy it! Keep up the great work!

Of course! If you ever need feed back let me know I'll give it my best shot!

As for the game this is it:

As for the asset I could tell it was different interior wise and overall looks good was saying I've seen that asset in a lot of games.

Overall looks great texture wise keep it up!

At first, I was wondering what kind of story could unfold and to be honest I wasn't disappointed. 

If you like reading and seeing where your choices can lead I'd recommend this for you. 

It's quite interesting to see what results some of the decisions can create. 

Overall a great time killer and honestly isn't a bad read.


So a few concerns which I'll list below.

Music: The music does the game no justice and should overall be removed completely or perhaps better sound tracks that are creepier should be added. The ding ding ding sound was annoying to where I took my headset off due to it. Is this supposed to have creepy vibes? If so more appropriate noises and music should be considered.

The House: The house is a paid asset which I have no issues with other than that the particular house asset being used is widely used in several other games but to most recent memory I believe it's the same used in House Party. Overall the textures and environment look really well but going back on the music it makes it seems like a circus show which isn't the vibes I believe I should be feeling.

A Story: What are we doing in this house and why are we looking for a key? Are we locked out of our room and need to find our key to unlock it? Shouldn't the keys found look a bit more modern due to the house being modern? Overall what is the purpose of the need to find the keys? ie Monsters, Locked out of the room, Playing hide and seek the key?

The game looks nice but the lack of a structure of what is going on and for what reason and the music are ruining the game as of now but can be fixed!

I hope this helps gear you towards a more in-depth and engaging experience.

Once this becomes more content worthy I'll be more than happy to make a let's play one shot! Seriously though I do appreciate the work you've put in. I've messed with game development on my own and it's not an easy feat at all especially when you're alone so with that being said Don't Give Up and make it a reality!