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i have a deep and intense need for a full version of this. this was amazing... i downloaded and finished it in a day! i got the impression that you could romance members of your party in the future is that correct? again, this was so so much fun!

edit: way too many typos in this because my cat kept trying to sit directly on my laptop


I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it! The full version will take a while, primarily because of art assets that need to be created. However, you can stay tuned to see the devlogs and follow the Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages to keep yourself updated with the progress. In the future, an early access in Steam is planned to get feedback from players like yourself and help make the game better.

As for romance between party members, it is not the priority right now nor is it a core gameplay mechanic. However, I am still open to that possibility if time and resources allow it. Thank you so much!

- Verinius