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This is one of the first comments/reviews I've ever left on any game. Found you through a Mohrta trailer on my YT front page yesterday and I decided to look at your other works out of curiosity.

I haven't played Doom since I was a kid although I thoroughly enjoy Quake, but they seem distinct/independent enough from each other in my head. The aesthetic of not only this game, but everything else you've worked on too, is amazing and the level design was so good! For someone more experienced, this game might be easier but for me it was a thorough drag through hell itself. Genuinely harder than the Soulsborne series to the point where it took me 8 hours on and off from start to finish and a few meltdowns.

I'm proud to say that I ran through it in one day and I think it's safe to say you've earned yourself a new dedicated fan! Fucking christ I am BEYOND EXCITED to go through the rest of your catalogue over the coming months!


thanks man, hope you enjoy!