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what is going on

thank you!

thank you!


This is unbelievably helpful. Genuinely, I can't express how amazing this plugin is. I've been making sprite animations for almost 8 years without a tool like this! I feel like a man who's lived in a desert for a hundred years discovering what water is. Thank you, thank you!!!!

Sorry I'm late to respond, but that's so cool! Appreciate the mention.



Sure, go ahead

Expect news about that sometime in the next few months

Thanks homie

Not super sure, it does sort of the bare minimum. I'd recommend fiddling with the settings a bit to see how you like it.

This is a fair point, but I believe if you just rename the ipk3 to a pk3 and it should work fine. It's designed to be played via the exe with the download. If the rename doesn't work, I'll upload a pk3 file of both games. Message again if it doesn't

If you enjoyed wrath's playstyle you are really going to like what I'm making next. Stay tuned!

Should be the reload key in the settings

Fully released, with bug fixes and additional music on the way!


Let me check! I restarted my PC so I'll let you know if that fixed it

Tried out the new update and this is happening. Not sure if it's something on my end but I wanted to post here about it

Thanks so much man, this really warms my heart. I'm glad you liked my dumb little project.

I'm working on a sequel and you can check out updates on that on my twitter:

We tried to develop a mac version- but it was really hard due to a recent change in how mac apps work. Sorry about that.

No idea! Had my buddy Jberg help me out with making the mod standalone. It was a long process that took about 2 weeks- so Imagine it's pretty tough.

thanks for playin man, glad you enjoy!

That's the plan!

Yes! A sequel is currently in the works and is about 25% complete

Thanks dude! Now anyone can play shrine c:>

It's fully finished, but balancing and bug fixes are a given. It's in a pretty good state to play right now!

About an hour- hour and a half.