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Today went quite well.

The game is now at the point, where the list of my mission until the end of the jam is quite short:

a) creating levels (I have the first one, I plan on delivering 5 - 6)

b) fixing bugs

c) possible audio recordings for radio content

Today I finished the menu and some important game events.

The menu now shows all available level (currently three.. but that's just a test, the menu is growing whenever a new level is introduced - up to 12 fit perfectly.)

The game safes when you complete a level, so you can come back later and not lose all your progress.

New stuff in the game from today:

level transitions trigger - you teleport from one map to the next

text box trigger - a textbox with a certain text form the gamedata.json is displayed

win trigger - the game ending screen is displayed

all three can be placed and configured in tiled (as big objects, the area they cover is the trigger area).

I also made the player and the enemies completly configureable via tiled. For enemies this means ap, hp, dmg and looks.

The last thing I did today is an optional audio system for the text boxes.

I am not sure there will be audio.. but if it comes to it, the system to play it is in place.