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Really like it, the combat and level systems are fun, the dialogue is good, art style is great.  It's just really rough in some ways.  For one, the controls.  It's really rough without an Xbox controller (which the game doesn't natively support so far as I can tell).  Being able to use a mouse to attack and aim while using WASD to move would help that greatly, as-is it feels like playing a console game on an emulator. I also feel like the up movement key should be both to aim up (when held) and to jump, kind of like Smash Bros.

You get stuck if you go in the second portion of the basement, where it says the demo ends.  Can't jump high enough to get back out.  It also says the demo ends even if you go there immediately after the post office, had to read the comments here to learn there was actually more to it.

The wall-cling mechanic is a bit awkward, it feels like you get stuck to the walls and it's hard to get off since you have to move away from the wall instead of simply letting go of the directional key to drop.

There's also an invisible wall on the path to the post office, after the portion with the toxic water, where it loops back around to go down to the third portion of the path.  Doesn't stop progress, just looks and feels weird getting stuck wall-clinging to air.

Definitely looking forward to and will buy the full release!

Thanks rewindrepeatit, It's rare I get such in-depth comments, this is great I can really use a lot of this to help improve the game. Thanks for taking an interest