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Hey. this is completly random, but can you make it so you can also download individual images instead of the sprite sheets? i dont know how to split a sprite sheet and when i try to make the characters bigger they get very weird looking. Thanks for your awesome work btw.

Hey thanks! I have about 80 different characters and each one at least five different animations. So, as you can guess, separating all the sprites of all the characters is a big order. You can always look up some tutorials for the available image editors you have. Here's the photoshop one:

As for the enlargement of pixel art sprites. Pixel Art enlargement requires you to only enlarge images by power of two. So if a sprite is 16x16 pixels your options are 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256, 512... etc. You get the idea. I hope these all are useful! Happy developing!

Thanks man. Right now im making a game with a mix of different sprite packs and other stuff. Is it fine if i use your stuff? Its so fantastic. Btw, do you also make games