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0/5 Would not recommend...The interface is poor, and even the mute button does not work and disappears half the time. If there is a free roam or anything else, please provide some sort of resource on how to access it. This is not explained in game. 

You are the first person to notify me of an issue with the interface, can you give me more details, like the version of Windows you are using? For the free roam feature, it should be in available in menu that's accessible thru the ESC button but I will double-check and come back to you asap.

Thank you. The mute button disappears when the scene changes and turns off, so sound comes on. There is a menu that I found, but it only allows you to go to the site, report a bug, continue, reset, or go to the facebook page. There is really no explanation about a free roam or the secrets. Plus the save feature does not work, though I'm not sure if the is my computer or not. I am running Windows 8. 

If you finish the first date, you will see a button that looks like a joystick when you get back into Michael's bedroom. When you click on the button, you will enter free roaming mode.

The secrets are secrets, you can find them in the free roaming section but also in the story mode.