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love it so far! any thoughts to adding a map? oh, and I think that either the exit didn't spawn in stage 2, or I'm a total idiot. I made a youtube video and literally couldnt find the exit lol. its here if youre interested:

Hey CDPOG! Thanks for purchasing and thanks for playing as always. Couple things: Use Tab to open your automap. As far as the exit, it was there, trust me ;) Usually when you can't find an exit it means there was a turn that you thought was a dead end, but in the many hundreds (thousands?) of times I've playtested there was always a gate to the next level. Also, if you discover the exit gate early only take it if you are confident about surviving the next level. You should almost always strive to scout the whole level and get as many items as you can, or you'll be in for a very uphill battle in the later levels.

ahhhhhhh, there was a map. now i feel dumb. lol.