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(1) This is the actual map of the game, and yeah lets say theres a void at "Northeast".  Actually, I DO have plans to put some more content  around all the map (lets say, more items to find and not just at house, and more "strange" events like the creature event). But I didnt know if I really was "getting into the genre" (text adventure). I felt little lost and decide to not go further and add more content. Actually I get back and undone some puzzles (like the treasure would have a key inside the hole which would be necessary to open the treasure at the end, thats the reason for have a map in the treasure graphic XD).

Thanks for the compliments about the forest, I has to do everything very carefully to not connect two similar backgrounds. The only "fail" is with lake and north and south forest (I made a mistake and the tree at lake doenst "move" when goes north/south... is exactly the same) 

(2) & (4)  Thanks for the tips be sure I will follow it in the next update.

(3) HAHA SORRY FOR THAT --' I will review and pay more attention on the texts.