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Suggestion: Allow rebuilding of destroyed structures, without manually re-placing them.

When I come up with a good build, I don't necessarily remember how it all worked. It's okay that having stuff destroyed is a setback, but losing my build is too severe. Usually, it just means quitting a game that would have been salvageable, if not for the bad experience of losing my construction plan. I mean, you'd think an AI would remember to save and back-up.


Something like Supreme Commander's templates?


Well that's interesting. Yes, "templates" like that would help, and I wouldn't turn them down. Still, they're most useful when there's plenty of available space. But most of the time in Mindustry, I have to customize my ideal layout of structure, to fit cramped spaces. That's particularly true at the front lines, and that is where the structures often end up being destroyed. What I had in mind was more like: draw a box around the destroyed structures, and they get re-queued for construction.