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Hello! I really enjoyed playing Legend of Xenia, it was short and really fun to play. I think this series has potential. I do miss the menu system when you press Esc., I really wanted to enjoy it even more with full screen. I do understand it is the game jam version after all. I think you did an amazing job considering the constraints you had. This is really inspiring as I too want to become a game developer. So here is a few questions I'd like to ask

1) What engine did you use?

2)How much experience do you have?

3)Did you work with a team?

4)How do you pronounce Xenia?

Thank you for having a read, Linkal out-

  1. Gamemaker
  2. Been making games as a hobby since late 2014 / early 2015, so not much
  3. Music was made by a friend, the rest of the game made by me