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Bruh, this game is amazing! :D

i really liked all in there. It haves a bunch of mechanics even at the beggining, but you made this in a way that i didn't got confused by all of them and that no one is so OP. I liked too the artwork, that for some reason reminds me of a mobile game called "floyds sticker squad", idk if this was intentional or if was a coincidence but its something i noticed.

now about bugs:

i got stuck at a dialogue with Greg, i talked to him and i couldn't pass trought the dialogue, the game simply freezed there.

and there's some platforms that are too high and i can't reach them, and i never have enought "fast forward" to pass by all of them. This isn't a bug, its more like a level design issue.

but overall the game is great! unfortunatelly i can't donate to help :(

but i want to help you, when i have conditions i'll try to donate, or even buy the complete game when it comes out

Thank you for playing! I'm really happy to hear you liked the game too! Also thanks for the feedback, it's very appreciated, and I'm sorry to hear you got stuck at one point, so I'll definitely look into it. No worries about donating, I completely understand, and I'm just glad you took the time to check the game out!