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Damm thats a neat game, the gameplay flows very well and i also liked the music and graphics :)

idk if that was intentional but this "parkourly" gameplay really gave some Celeste / IWBTG vibes, and it doesnt really feel like a metroidvania thought. I like the difficulty, but some parts are kinda frustrating, especially the first rooms you need to use the grapple.(i bet it would be easier if i used a gamepad, but apparently it doesnt work with my Xbox controller)

btw i also found a bug were i fell out a room after killing all the enemies, and then they didnt wanted to respawn, so i had to reset the game, not sure what happened

reading this comment now after a year i realized how dumb it was

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Damm, this thing is extremelly underrated, i got it some months ago when it was paid (but i just claimed it when you put it in 100% discount so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) but only decided to download it this week.

I just finished the main story, and not gonna lie, i didn't had high expectatives for it when i dowloaded and on the first hour of gameplay, so it totally surprised me with that many level of high-qualitiness the later sections had. And i also didn't expect an actual good lore/story, and then it surprised me again! 

The game itself is very easy, and thats okay since you said you tried to make it the most approachable for everyone, but the last few bosses were very challenging tho, and they were also just straight up EPIC!

I wish i could spread the word about this game, you really deserves it, but i'll do my best to try to give you some "Free Advertisement" :)

Now that i finished it, i'll just wander around the game searching for secrets like an idiot, because i noticed i left some things behind (like an oddly suspicious locked door).

 Anyway, for me, that was unexpectedly a great game! :D

I think mirroring is more of an "action" than an actual frame

And for walk cycle, the only solution i see here is to make the character to walk jumping, with both legs at the same time, you dont need to move each leg separately

But hey, the limitation say it's open for interpretations, so i think as long as you explain your interpretation of It you're Fine (that's what i understood, not sure tho)

Nah, i think that may Just have been a mistake, they already corrected it

Thanks! :D

(also, it's supposed to be a mummy)

Thank you!  :)

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you! :D

Thank you very much :D

sorry about the finger acrobatics, i didn't even knew a QWERTZ keyboard exists. Also, after some waves the enemies should balance their HP with your damage, not sure what happened there

Thank you very much :D

and ye, the enemies are probably touching your watah

Thanks :D

now Turquoise should add the "free video game" video as the game trailer

Thank you! :D

Yeah, that was my intention with the story, glad to see you liked it :)

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Wow thank you very much! :D

glad to see you liked it, even though it wasnt much to see there :)

i'm going to do more updates in the future, this includes more polishment, expansion and finish some things

nvm i'll remove it myself

welp i submited the unfinished game to be sure that i would participate the jam

but i just realized that my project was too ambitious to make alone in just a weekend ;-;

i'm going to upload the real game when i finish the 1st boss out of 3 that i planed

i'm just posting this here to ask something to the jam host: would you like to me remove my entry from the jam, or will you give me the chance to participate anyway?

doesn't matter you choice, i'll respect it, if you prefer removing my submition i will recognize that it was my fault, and its even more fair for who actually made the game in time U_U

Lol okay so

the game needs to be top-down view just like TLoZ itself? and you said that the jam isnt about making everything from scratch in X time, but this applies only to the assets or i can start programming it now? :/

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Bruh, this game is amazing! :D

i really liked all in there. It haves a bunch of mechanics even at the beggining, but you made this in a way that i didn't got confused by all of them and that no one is so OP. I liked too the artwork, that for some reason reminds me of a mobile game called "floyds sticker squad", idk if this was intentional or if was a coincidence but its something i noticed.

now about bugs:

i got stuck at a dialogue with Greg, i talked to him and i couldn't pass trought the dialogue, the game simply freezed there.

and there's some platforms that are too high and i can't reach them, and i never have enought "fast forward" to pass by all of them. This isn't a bug, its more like a level design issue.

but overall the game is great! unfortunatelly i can't donate to help :(

but i want to help you, when i have conditions i'll try to donate, or even buy the complete game when it comes out

Bideo Jam community · Created a new topic idiot question

what exactly is a TTRPG? XD

sorry for being not so smart

meu deus vcs são BR memo pra votar no kiko ein

mas acho q vou ter q te expulsar sem dó nem piedade da jam pq não tem faustão, sorry :/

caraca esse ai ta muito bom XD

devia ter ganhado de lavada, mas a culpa não foi minha ein

eu até tenho mas nunca cheguei a usar de verdade

se vc quiser participar da proxima, entra nesse link:

é uai

Parabens MrPijama pelo seu grande e inovador conceito de jogo de assistir gifs andando num fundo caotico! :D

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não infelizmente não vai ter outra jam huehueBr#1 ;-;

só vai ter a huehueBr #2 no proximo fim de semana, que não é uma jam huehueBr #1 mas acho que dá pro gasto :)


provavelmente não vai ter mais jogos, os outros participantes sou eu q não fiz e outro cara que disse q tambem não ia conseguir entao... a treta vai ser entre vcs 3, mas olha o lado bom, pelo menos bronze é garantido

vai no numa aba chamada "overview" da jam (q é a primeira aba q vc vê quando entra na jam) e clica em "submit your project" e ai vc escolha o jogo que quer postar aqui e responde uma pergunto super importante e ai clica em "submit"

Não Creemos Canico! eu acabei de dar umas horinhas a mais, corre lá q dá!

não precisa participar se tiver algo importante pra fazer ;) mas fico feliz q queira tentar

e eu sei não precisa elogiar eu sei q esse é o melhor nome possivel,não,para, não precisa ficar dizendo q esse nome é incrivel,não, você q é ;D

Só CORRE NEGADA! q ainda tem um tempo!

pelo visto não n pq entro mais gente na jam :)

aliás estou de volta! :D

eu não vou estar disponivel esse fim de semana então nao vou responder dúvidas.

se eu voltar e ver q alguem perguntou algo eu vou extender a jam até quarta-feira pra poder terminar o jogo q vc teve dúvida, mas se tudo ocorrer como planejado eu vou deixar assim mesmo

é o que tem pra hoje ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

na verdade vão ser 2, o outro era eu mas eu tenho compromisso esse fim de semana e não vou poder participar ;-;

e tbm é a primeira jam eu já esperava q não ia ter muita gente

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are you saying that my game isn't optimized? no my friend, your eyes aren't optimized.

I used a technology that makes the game soo optimized that it runs in soo much fps that the human eyes can't even keep track of it, what makes the game seems to lag, but actually your eyes are lagged

Thank you for the feedback ^-^

i don't know if i will actually expand this one, but who can assure? Maybe in a next future i can get back here and try to make a bigger project :)

i'll try to use your hints! (if i remenber to)

Thanks :)