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meu deus vcs são BR memo pra votar no kiko ein

mas acho q vou ter q te expulsar sem dó nem piedade da jam pq não tem faustão, sorry :/

caraca esse ai ta muito bom XD

devia ter ganhado de lavada, mas a culpa não foi minha ein

eu até tenho mas nunca cheguei a usar de verdade

se vc quiser participar da proxima, entra nesse link:

é uai

Parabens MrPijama pelo seu grande e inovador conceito de jogo de assistir gifs andando num fundo caotico! :D

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não infelizmente não vai ter outra jam huehueBr#1 ;-;

só vai ter a huehueBr #2 no proximo fim de semana, que não é uma jam huehueBr #1 mas acho que dá pro gasto :)


provavelmente não vai ter mais jogos, os outros participantes sou eu q não fiz e outro cara que disse q tambem não ia conseguir entao... a treta vai ser entre vcs 3, mas olha o lado bom, pelo menos bronze é garantido

vai no numa aba chamada "overview" da jam (q é a primeira aba q vc vê quando entra na jam) e clica em "submit your project" e ai vc escolha o jogo que quer postar aqui e responde uma pergunto super importante e ai clica em "submit"

Não Creemos Canico! eu acabei de dar umas horinhas a mais, corre lá q dá!

não precisa participar se tiver algo importante pra fazer ;) mas fico feliz q queira tentar

e eu sei não precisa elogiar eu sei q esse é o melhor nome possivel,não,para, não precisa ficar dizendo q esse nome é incrivel,não, você q é ;D

Só CORRE NEGADA! q ainda tem um tempo!

pelo visto não n pq entro mais gente na jam :)

aliás estou de volta! :D

eu não vou estar disponivel esse fim de semana então nao vou responder dúvidas.

se eu voltar e ver q alguem perguntou algo eu vou extender a jam até quarta-feira pra poder terminar o jogo q vc teve dúvida, mas se tudo ocorrer como planejado eu vou deixar assim mesmo

é o que tem pra hoje ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

na verdade vão ser 2, o outro era eu mas eu tenho compromisso esse fim de semana e não vou poder participar ;-;

e tbm é a primeira jam eu já esperava q não ia ter muita gente

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are you saying that my game isn't optimized? no my friend, your eyes aren't optimized.

I used a technology that makes the game soo optimized that it runs in soo much fps that the human eyes can't even keep track of it, what makes the game seems to lag, but actually your eyes are lagged

Thank you for the feedback ^-^

i don't know if i will actually expand this one, but who can assure? Maybe in a next future i can get back here and try to make a bigger project :)

i'll try to use your hints! (if i remenber to)

Thanks :)

Thank you very much :D

Thank you :D

oh no, now i need to storm area 51

okay show me the prettiest alien gal that i can... oh wait you already did it, how fast, hmm.... but i though that the army of acre was dinosaurs lol nobody will understand this joke

but talking seriously now, its incredible what you did with my ramdom scribbles, i myself don't even realized what kind of things i drew, thank you, great work! =D

if you make an actually good art of this i will join the area 51 invasion

if this is actually going to be the theme we can consider that the game in last place is the actual jam winner and the first place is the worst one

so do it and be happy

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oh no i'm gonna lose

definitely the best art in the jam, and it have a bunch of mechanics

but i found it repetitive after almost 10 minutes playing and a bit easy too, so i just threw everybody in the volcano to end it faster, cause i got a bit bored (but thats probably just me) :P

also a useless but funny fact: "acre" its the name of a state in Brazil, and we have memes about having dinosaurs on Acre, and coincidently your name is TJ "Acre" and your team is tinyDINOgames lol

i guess that the theme will be something thematic that fits to a certain theme

Thank you (:

the instructions is large because i tried to describe everything that happens in the chaos, but now i realized that a tutorial would be better, sorry, my bad :(

try to play it on fullscreen, the page wont scroll down or up

nice game :D

i liked the art style and the gameplay is neat.

i played it yesterday and got a little score just to see the power of my enemi-I mean, other participants games, but something happened and my highscore reseted to 0 when i played it today.

and also.....


Thank you :D

yea, the instructions is way too long, i tried to describe everything that happens to you try to don't get lost in the middle of all the madness :P

but now you said that, a in-game tutorial would be actually better, i made the instructions on rush and don't even though in something like that.

Thanks for playing :)

sure, i forgot that some keyboards are different, sorry. But for somebody with the controls strange you got a very high score ;)

score... space... very clever....

ok jokes apart, that thing about facing my own shoots was truly creative, i never would though something like that :D

and dammit this clone mine, look what he did with my score >:(

i'm slightly addicted into my own game lol

okay thank you :)

the game NEEDS to have a leaderboard or just a "best score" indicator is suficient?

good game :D

the ending was great, but i missed some music

Yay eu sabia que não era o unico perdido nesse mundo obscuro das game jams :D

The game is quite simple, but works well

the best part is when you die XD

but it's a game that you finish in 5 seconds and don't have nothing more to do :/

Aliás, você é BR? '-'

Thank you (:

I didn't noticed this one, what exatly happens with the text?

Haha, thank you ^-^

I'm not the best of composers, but i try to make something good for your ears :)

Thank You :)

Maybe i exaggerated with the sound effects XD