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Simple, but it's very fun, and I specially like the little animations and music even as simple as they are.

There's not much space to actually use the dash tho, I assumed you'd be invincible during it, but I discovered the contrary by the worst mean possible lol. So yeah, dash is kinda useless, wich is sad because it is the one move that has an actual nice feeling to it.
Also, space bar is a very weird choice for shooting button, you could've either put it on S instead to be right alongside dash's D, or on the right mouse button since you're already aiming with it anyway.

That's a pretty good one, I'd never expect to see a game based on "that-one-card-king-make-choice-game-that-I-don't-remenber-the-name" in a jam

I really like it but don't have much to say about it other than that honestly.

That's my best run tho, really wanted to get first place before rating, but I guess I'll have to live with silver this time around (or rather, die without silver aparently lol)

Damm that's an amazing one! The music is so chill and the sounds and narration are also very funny, and it kinda gives me some Candy Crush vibes for whatever reason lol.

It is also way longer than I expected it to be tho. Is it infinite? If so I might not have realized it x)

Either way, I don't really have nothing to criticize here, good job!

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Pretty simple, pretty fun, all good. I also really like the Background, I'm not sure why tho lol, it just feels good to look at it.

The music is a bit loud tho, and also too short, so it got annoying very easily lol.
I also wish to be either telegraphed where the enemies are going to spawn, or that they at least didn't shoot immediatelly after appearing, because the way it is now I take free damage way too often from enemies that spawn and shoot right above me without giving me any chance to react.

That's my score tho, couldn't make it up to 1000 sadly

edit: my comment got duplicated, sorry for the double ping :,)

Indeed it is, even has exactly 3 sillabes!

Definitelly a very creative gameplay mechanic.

ok, I already played this when you were asking for suggestions on discord, and just like then I still have no idea what to say about it, wich sucks for me cause I like making unecessarilly ""serious"" review comments with actual helpfull feedback and critiscism x3

I still like the "meme-nu" tho

Pretty fun game, and I specially liked the music with all the sonic sound effects, wish more people realized how much potential sound effects from other games like those have as instruments.

Althought I wish enemy spawns were telegraphed somehow, at least with a sound or something like that before they appearing, because it happened a lot of times me being in a wall corner and dying because somebody spawned there suddenly.
Also I think the tank is bugged, he wasn't dealing damage when I tried using him.

Anyway that's my best score, couldn't survive much more than that on the madness x)

Thank u!

Oh wow! Thank YOU for playing! :3

Sure! And I'm gald you still like it.

The thing is that I know I could have pulled this off in 9 days if I was using Construct wich is my usual engine of choice, but since I'm new to microstudio having to learn how everything works kinda got on my way lol.

My problem isn't that I didn't had time to add everything I wanted to add, because that already happened on the last jam I participated, my problem is that, unlike said last jam, I'm not satisfied with what I did do on time.

Althought that's indeed something more personal, other people can still say it's good enought even if I don't think so, and that's ok :3

Eh, not for my own standards I have for myself.

Definitelly wish I had a failstate, that's the one essential thing I think it's missing to actually be considered a game, and even then I also wanted it to be more polished with screenshakes and such, but my attempt at doing those didn't worked so I scrapped it at the last moment. Sounds and a title screen also makes a big difference when you don't have them at all lol.

I'm happy I could do at least something before the deadline tho, but I'm definitelly not satisfied with the state the game is right now yet

I already asked Dog to do it, so he should be Dm-ing you soon enought.

Thanks again for the golden whiskers tho, and also for hosting the jam, it was pretty fun!

thank you!

It's more "finger drawn" than "hand drawn" considering I made all the art on my phone lol

Thank you! :)

Can't say I was expecting that tbh x)

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Thank you so much! :D

Sadly I don't have a twitter, the only social media I use is Discord :(

But I can make one right now to get it if you wish! Or perhaps I can ask Dogtopius to get it for me

Thank you very much!

Don't worry about it, I got the same bug when commenting for another entry as well xD

the game looks good enought, but there isn't much going for it sadly, I don't even know how to make my unecessarily over-analitic review block for it. Whisker commented you did it in only 2 days tho, if so I think I can give a discount.

The movement is janky tho, the character keeps colliding with the floor so surviving for more than a few seconds is kinda impossible. Other than that I can't think of much more to say.

Damm, that was touching... I'm usually not the kind that's into more deep emotional stuff, but I do admire it, after all that's how you're supposed to do art.

The game itself is also excellent. The wall jump is a little hit or miss sometimes but it definitelly feels good to pull off. Everything feels very smooth and polished actually, so nice work there!

This does feel very personal tho, so if it is I just wanted to say that I really wish the best for you moving forward. It's funny to think that this specific jam appeared this specific moment with this specific theme, maybe there's something to take from here

That's definitelly really cute!
Nothing much else to say tho x)

Thanks :D

you little troll x)

It's fine tho, that's exactly why game jams exist! It's just me myself that am a bit too competitive usually, but don't worry about it.

I didn't even knew Scratch could export to other languages, everyday something new to learn I guess

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Ngl, I got very excited when miss Glados rip-off appeared because I thought she was going to be there for the entire game to make fun gags, but I'll never know because it's literally impossible to beat the game :/

If you try bringing the cube to the next lvl with you, it will pass and you won't, because there won't be anything to hold the button for you. And even when the button bugged for me and stayed pressed forever, I passed the lvl with the spike and instead of me going to a new one it just looped back to itself, and then the button unbugged ;-;

The character is cute tho, so I'll give you points for that.

Also, yeah, the physics are a mess, but judging by the looks of the game I assume you may have used Scratch, and since I have a personal vendetta against Scratch I'll blame it for that instead of you lol. You can jump infinitelly btw.
I hope I'm not sounding rude tho, but this really needed a bit more of time on the oven tbh

Damm, that's definitelly a very underrated entry, hope more people play it soon. Unfortunatelly my machine doesn't have enought LED lights to run Unreal games smoothly, so as soon as I got out of the cave I started playing in slow motion while my laptop casually made a hurricane inside of itself.

But I actually quite loved it. It's very atmospheric and the aliens running around just ignoring me are precious.

Altought I sadly couldn't finish it :(
I had no idea how to activate the teleporter, and the kinder surprise capsule looking thing that's behind the explodable wall wasn't interactable for me. I assume this is a bug since the character said he had to take it out of there somehow. I still enjoyed it tho!

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Damm, that's probably one of the most fun entries I've played so far! It also has a lot of personality as well, wich I really like.
I actually thought the movement was very smooth, and was extremelly satisfying to chain some perfect jumps togheter without losing momentum. Althought, like the other person said, some coyote time would have made it even better indeed. The level design is also impressive as well considering it's randomly generated, amazing work!

My only complaint is that Randall's hitbox is very janky. There was a lot of times I tought I would be able to pick up the blue cristals but died because the lava touches my hitbox before touching my actual character.

Anyway, behold the gamer score, I was tempted to go for 100k, but I after I realized that might take way too long I kinda gave up, wich is a shame tbh

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Simple, but It's actually pretty good for what is.

I actually liked the music quite a bit despite being a very short loop, It's good that it didn't got annoying at any moment.
The levels are also fairly well built for a game with this "no left" mechanic, althought I don't like the trial and error aspect of it, I think you should have used the stars to hint the player where the correct path is. (I mean, you kind of already did that, but I think it could have been done better) Althought, if you did that, it would probably take the challenge out of the game unfortunatelly. Also too much blind jumps on some parts.

I wonder why you've decided to make it in only 1 day tho, did you join the jam late? I think you could have refined this a lot if you used the entire week.

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Pretty simple, but I like it, especially the art style.

The music is a bit messy and too short tho, but fortunatelly the game is small enought for that to not get annoying so there's no problem. I don't have much else to say tho, so that's it.

Edit: daheck, my comment was tripled for some reason, sorry for that x)

Pretty fun! Definitelly one of the most creatives for the theme interpretation here. And I really admire that you guys got an entire roguelike/RPG system to work, even tho I have no idea what half of those stats do.
I also appreciate that it has a save system, since I started playing yesterday and when I got back today I was still with the same lineage. Definitelly wasn't expecting that, good job!

I wish the gwaphics were a little more animated, but honestly, the staticness of it kinda gave it a weird charm imo lol.

I think you should receive more feedback when taking damage tho, it kinda just happens and you don't see it, just a little flash on the player character would already have been a huge difference on that case.

Also I got a little bug where I just ignored the boss and went directly to the door, and that still let me win lol.

Thank you very much!

I'm already aware of a few bugs, but this one is definitelly new. I might have to check it out later, but I have absolutely no idea if I'll be able to even find what caused it lol

Thank you :)

I got the ending where everybody lives and the one where everybody liven't, I didn't found any other than those 2.

Now I assume there may be 2 other endings where only 1 of each friend dies but I didn't actually test it when I played.

Don't worry too much about the browser thing, I'm sure this is more of Unity's fault than yours. I've played other unity made entries on edge with no problems, but judgind by the logo on the splash screen I think you're using a different version of it that ended up having this problem. (I have no idea tho, I don't use Unity lol)

I'm glad you're still happy with what you've done tho, after all, yourself is always the only person you must always satisfy, at least that's how I think. Hope to see you participating in more jams in the future, they're nice to improve your deving skills and discovering your own limits, and just having some fun with bideo games. (Tho stay alway from the 2 day ones, I don't like them lol)

Would've been better if you could have made the game a downloadable then. does get a little drunk when trying to make more different resolutions to play on browser x)

It was released more than 20 days ago and clearly has nothing to do with this jam or any of the ones it submited for, It's basically a spam game :/

And the game itself was posted almost a month ago lmao

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Pretty simple, but it's cute and gets the job done. And the theme interpretation is creative as well.

I really wonder what's up with the resolution tho, why didn't you make it a usual 16:9?
Other than that I don't have much else to say. I did miss some audio tho

I need to admit, this is indeed in a pretty rought state as it is now. I mean, at least it's playable. (Not on edge tho! I had to switch to chrome for this one, oof)

Since this is a first to second attempt at jamming I should give you a discount, and the idea you had for the theme was definitelly creative so I'll give you that.

Tho your problem here was that you tried to bite more than you can chew. If you're starting now, remember that you most likely won't be able to do any game that pops up in your head yet, so next time, remember to downscale your idea by 10 times lol, and maybe even more.
In my opinion, you should have scrapped some of the platforming, especially the moving platforms. Believe me, those kind of games require a lot of level design knowledge that nobody borns with, and I really felt like that was one of the things that messed you up a bit.
You could have made a single screen game where the collectable stuff just appear randomly and you have to collect as many as you can before running out of time or something like that, always aim for simplicity for now, until you truly know you're ready for something bigger.

I'm not saying any of that to be mean, and I really hope I'm not sounding rude, it's legit friendly advice.
It's a shame that this jam didn't have a discord server, you probably could have got some help from other participants if it did.

Anyway, I got schrodinger's ending

It's simple, but it's still fun and that's what matters, and it does get very intense when it speeds up lol. I got 284 on my best run.

Only critique I have is the car sprite. There's nothing about it that indicates I'm supposed to duck it, so I kinda died before realising it. I mean, it makes sense for a cat to fit below a car, but the sprite makes it look too short for that to be possible. (Not that it matters anyway, after around 120 points you're already fast enought to jump over them as well)

(I don't know your language, so please just throw my text at google translate so you understand it) x)


That's pretty simple, but it does get the work done. The art is also fine and the character is adorable, so I'll give it that. 
The music is also way better than I was expecting, did you do it yourself? If so, then congrats!

I like the idea of the hidden keys, it does give an interesting puzzle aspect to the game. however most of them are hidden very poorly, you have to either kill yourself at least once or throw the character at walls until one of them isn't solid to be able to find them. You should have added something subtle to hint the player where those secrets are. (the famous telegraphs!)
Also, there's a lot of blind jumps, don't make levels where the player can't see what's below them.

Shorter than I expected, but it's very charming.
It also had less endings than I expected, but it's fine, I already like the fact this is more of a story game, I don't see much of those on jams.

Althought I can't lie, I was expecting Doctor V to shit on me or something like that when I purposely died to him, was a little disapointed that it was just a simple game over x)

But no problem, the simple fact this option pops up so suddenly already made some air to get out of my nose so I'll take that, I love when a game gives me this kind of choice lol

Damm, that was a delight to play. Unfortunatelly for you, I'm a man powered by music, so your amazing chill song here sabotaged your plans to make me rage hehe. I did sweat tho!

I really loved the challenge, and the mechanics are also pretty fun to master. I never played Jump King, but I can definitelly say it would have been 10 times better with wall jumps.

Althought some complaints I wanna make is that said wall jump is pretty poorly explained, I took very long to realize I needed to aim to the oposite wall to actually jump to it's direction.
And also something way more technical: the hitbox origin point is not perfectly on the middle of the player. I fell off a lot of times because I turned around and suddenly I wasn't on the edge of the platform anymore, this was the one thing that I can say that genuinelly annoyed me.

Anyway, gg, a shame the endscreen doesn't show my catnips, because I got all 4