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I tried to provoke this.

I closed my browser, Opened four different private browsers. Pointed them to and tried to press enter on all of them in the same second. I managed to get a 429 in the first browser.

Closing the browsers, trying again. No error. Closing the browsers, trying again, again no error. Browsing a bit, setting it up again. This time the second browser got a 429. Then I tried to spam reload button. No errors. Then I opened here again to write comment and got 429. While writing I opened another private browser to search if I actually used the correct reload button (i used ctrl-f5). Then I opened again, and got a 429 first time. I then spammed the other reload button (shift-f5) and all were served without error.

Conclusion: No clue.  I can't remember to have gotten this error when opening a huge amount of background tabs with games. But only on first tries - with and without login cookies.

I also tried as a final test to open the browse page in new private window, and immediatly closed it, when not getting a quick answer. Maybe every fourth try resulted in a 429. Sometimes consecutive, sometimes not.

So my best guess is, that itch is suffering a ddos attack or some component is overloaded with regular accesses, like maybe the login server.

Thanks for investigating! It never occurred to me to test this on other parts of itch, because I assumed it was caused by the redirect. But the fact that it does, probably means my redirect is OK, but itch in general is having issues, like you said. It's not less concerning but at least I know the problem is not with me :)