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Alright man, here is some bugs I found. This is for the build released 1/9

  • When you go from May's room to hallway there is a seemingly random chance it will trigger the shower scene. Really it seems more tied to the time of day but I haven't done it thoroughly.
  • When you click the exit door icon and select 'Yup' there is a chance it will also trigger the shower scene and ignore exiting the program. This doesn't come up on the invisible X close button.
  • Exiting with the door icon will forward to a black screen without closing, clicking again with the dialogue displayed again, and once more it will close. I should note sometimes it will leave a black GMS window active.
  • When you select going home option at the end of the day, and come back the dialogue for the breakfast bit may trigger leaving player in the outside location with may in 'explore mode,' the gameplay mode when you are in the Room or hallway basically. Without any hotspots or events the only way out is to quit or use the 'space bar' command. Incidentally could you document what some of these hotkeys actually do? I don't know if space just moves to may's room or resets anything.
  • When you do the sleepover option there seems to be a chance that it will skip the breakfast sequence. May will have dialogue like you've already done it but it will not progress. This ends up breaking the Autumn and Arlene event sequences.
  • When you have ordered food and select the shower, two dialogues are displayed at the same time. Selecting shower permanently locks may in the Food is Coming dialogue.
  • When in Arlene's room and selecting the Quit icon, selecting yes just takes you to the hallway.
  • You misspelled 'Spectrum' in the intro
  • When highlighting the Load Game menu option the 'Nope' dialogue flickers on screen too quickly to be displayed proper.
  • There are no hotspot highlights for Arlene's room. That was probably a time contraint thing, huh?

That's all I could find so far. About the food sequence bugs, they seem more likely to happen under the pizza sequence tree than the chinese food. Hope this helps!

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The space bar was actually a debug thing I forgot to lock off.

Working on these bugs now, should have an update in a bit.

Edit:Uploaded a new version that should fix all these issues. Also added more dialogue.

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Well, that was quick, thanks!

Love the new music, by the way!

Add: New bug. FPS drops randomly. Usually by changing rooms it bounces back.


That's when the textures load. I don't think there's a way to do it nicely in Game Maker. The way GM handles images in general isn't really suitable for this type of game so I'm probably gonna move to Unity which has more compression and streaming options.