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This game looks so cute and sweet, curse my only having a macbook! Do you know if you can at least run it on wine? I'd love to play through what there already is, hopefully more comes and hopefully its a mac version or at least wine compatible!

Hey hey! Thanks for your comment and I'm sorry it's taken me ages to reply >.< I honestly couldn't tell you if it could run on wine because I don't know what that is x3 I know nothing about macbook stuff unfortunately :( I don't really know anyone with one either, though my partner sometimes uses them in work I think so I might be able to get some help from him! The software I'm using to make the VN supports exporting the game to be played on mac I think, so there's that and I'll absolutely give it a go when I've eventually finished it and it's ready for release :3 I tried to export a demo for mac before but someone told me it didn't work T_T The problem is that I followed all the instructions and I don't have a mac to test on so I was a bit stuck with figuring what went wrong with the process to cause it not to work on mac >.< But I'll definitely try and get my partner's help for that sorta thing in the future! :D Hope you've been having an awesome September :3