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Anyone figure out how to unlock the pink box on Android, tried the fixes mentioned but didn't work. Only thing I haven't tried is downloading a new keyboard. (G Board btw)

If the dev sees this, maybe put a function in the game where if you see the codes/passwords the MC remembers and you can just click the correct password. 🤷‍♂️

Read all Naira's available diary first.

I know what the password is, my request is that they fix the keyboard glitches or find a workaround

What is the password? Ive tried so many but i dont seem to find it 


mc = your name


oh lol i did with a space bar before ... ._. thanks

I'm using Google keyboard but it won't register the password.

Yeah it's fucked on the current version, my advise is to stop playing and wait for the next update. Sometimes when games update saves don't transfer so if you stop playing now you still have stuff to look forward to if you have to start all over again.