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DevLog Day 7: January 8, 2016

Still not 100% over being sick and my focus still isn't quite there. I'm good enough to do things like sprite editing, but the moment I start entering code I start to feel loopy. To that end I added jumping and falling sprites, and powered through the coding to make them work. It took me nearly 20 minutes to realize that I had the falling animation checking for the wrong vertical speed. ;~;

I nabbed another sprite for an enemy, and got an object in the game that can kill you. It's a start for where I wanted to be at the end of the day. Tomorrow is probably going back into animating at least one punch, then getting it rigged into the player object.

Literally as I was writing this post I realized a way to solve a problem I was having: I forgot to put in a way to get to a new maximum hit point value. I forgot to separate the hit points into two variables, one for max and one for current. So that's another thing I did today. Right now hit points are tied to stats as intended, but I decided to make stat increases heal you to your new full for the time being. It's easy to check if it works (and it does!) without much hassle.

Today's friendly little remind is to make sure you attribute credit where it's due for any free assets you use! If you're using it, they deserve credit. Easy as that. I don't have a way currently to show credits in my game so at the moment they're all going into the Game Information panel that GameMaker provides.