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Wow, this is a great game! The worldbuilding especially blew me away; I think this game has the best worldbuilding I've ever seen in something of its length. I really enjoyed the little details like the earthwhale and the punishment salt that had nothing to do with the romance but made the world feel more like a living, breathing place. 

The protagonist was delightful. She's optimistic and emotionally literate and kind without falling too much into the generic otome protagonist trope. And like the rest of the characters, she's a great blend of monstrous-yet-relatable, rushing not to be late to work one moment and thinking of blood salt as a delicacy the next. Thank you for writing this game and releasing it for free, it was a really memorable experience!

Thank you so much for this really kind comment, and for giving our game a try!

We're both glad you enjoyed the game's worldbuilding, and particularly that Vil as a character felt relatable while still being a character in their own right. It definitely mattered to us that playing them didn't feel frustrating and that they said things the player might want to say, so we're really glad if we managed that at all. :)