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Well there's nothing wrong with your events but it looks like you put "collected all" to being switched on when switch "001" is activated so maybe when the character collects the last item, put "control switch" event into the last item event and choose 001 (or another switch you used for the collected all event) to be turned ON

Yeah I was guessing it was switches! Thanks, it worked.

Ok. New problem I mentioned. I edited my parallax map titles and added a page with items, and now I can't walk at all over my parallax backgrounds. I made a normal tileset area and I can walk on that. I can't find anyone else with this problem? I am just going to try to make a new tileset for my parallax stuff.

Maybe it's just the tilsets you're using for the parallax map? I don't really know mainly because i haven't use parallax mapping yet but i might have found a topic in the communtiy that might help with what you're looking for
(If you get confused with the script, just go to the top of the tools bar and theres an icon named script editor and you just put the script under materials)(P.S if you're STILL confused maybe search it up on youtube maybe?)

I'm still messing with it. I have been using the tilesets from that tutorial and they have been working fine until now.

My scripts are all put in right, which is why I'm genuinely confused by why I just can't walk on these tiles.

I made a new map with the parallax tileset and it still didn't work so I just gotta keep troubleshooting. It doesn't seem like many people have had this problem/it just doesn't come up in searches.

I asked in the rpg maker forums (at least, I sent a post to be approved for help) so I'm going to see where that goes.

Thank you.