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(1/8/2017 ver)

'Kay, you fixed the new bug, and Hermina is visible again, but she still gets stuck on her way to the treasure chest.

On the subject of the counter bug... A safe temporary fix might be to make freeze/paralyze not affect the counter stat? Didn't read your explanation properly, I think I get it now. I wish I could help more; I have zero experience with RPG Maker's scripting language, but Ruby is pretty similar to Lua, which is a language I'm pretty good with.

Been poking through the Scripts folder in the WoSS folder. If these are actually the scripts you're using (I can't tell), I'm guessing the "counter?" function in [GTBS] Game_Battler-C.rb is very close (within 1 or 2 steps) to the cause of the problem, but... I'd have to probably spend a few more hours poking around to be certain of anything, and even then it'd be hard to test when all I have is the scripts...

Let me give my observations so far, at least, before I forget all this:

  • self.counter?(attacker, preview) returns:
    • 'nil' if counter impossible/fails
    • 'self' if counter possible and succeeds
    • 'cnt' (self's counter stat) if preview is true (more on this later?)
  • 'counter?' is called from three places (result #1 is something else)
  • 'set_attack' (mentioned in the error) is called from 4 places. I'm almost certain the second one is the one crashing, because it's in step 4 of action processing, right after the third call to 'counter?', and all the rest look like actions rather than reactions.
  • So, active_battler.current_action is nil. Why is it nil? Probably because active_battler is paralyzed, since active_battler has been set to the one countering. I don't get how it could even get to there without a successful roll to counter, though, which wouldn't happen with 0 CNT or less...
  • It feels like I'm missing a piece of the puzzle here, even though it might not be the broken piece, because if I follow the trail of the missing current_action it goes to clear_tbs actions and from there to clear_actions (then re-adds a blank action using 'GameAction.initialize(Battler)', which I can't find).
  • This would be so much easier if I had access to the actual RMVX editor with all your stuff in it, so I could fiddle around with weird stats and find exactly what breaks it. :P

That's all assuming I'm even looking at the right script files here... What I'm not getting is how a negative counter % could result in any kind of crash. Oh. It's (probably) not? That explains it.

Finally, a couple of suggestions, though I can't test either of them myself:

EITHER 1) There's a chance the following (highlighted) addition might be a perfect fix, disabling counters if the one being hit is paralyzed:

OR 2) Comment out the highlighted line in [GTBS] Process Action.rb (the line adds successful counters to an array to be processed) until you find a proper fix, by adding a # to the start of the line. It will probably disable all countering, but as far as I know you're not using it anyway. If it doesn't help, you can always change it back. :V

If you'd rather leave this for now and work on something else, I absolutely understand and I'll try not to fixate on it any more. Good luck!

(If you want to hold an extended conversation on this, 'patch notes and itch.io comments' probably isn't the ideal way, since it's pure luck whether it takes me minutes or days to notice an update - I don't seem to be getting email alerts any more, and I feel like the blind leading the blind right now).