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Breathing some life (pun intended...) into the menu.

I found this youtube tutorial for libgdx menus and it pointed me to exactly what I needed:


... and the stage fades out.

One line is all it takes. And there is more, have a quick look as I show off the menu here:

What took the most time was to find a tutorial on how to do a planet and stars - and then actually doing them.

The planet is actually inkscaped (I didn't even know about the filter menu for noise..) and the stars are hsv noise from gimp with some manual edits.

If you need infos on how to hack together a main Menu, have a look at

But to be clear: This is hacked together learning as I go, so there is no real structure. But hey, only 9 days left, what can you do. Gotta get things done!