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From what I've been experiencing from this game so far, here are just some suggestions I think would better the game.

  • Make the health and food requirements not take up 80% of your survival time, make it so that you can go at least 30 to 60 minutes without food and water, or make it so it follows a Day-Night cycle when you need food and water, ie; can go for a week without food, and 4 days without water.
  • Make shark show up less after being killed once and attacks less frequently or only tries to attack where the player is standing on the raft if near the water's edge.
  • Anti-Shark traps. Something that can be more effective at defending your raft besides a spear, ie; bow and arrows, harpoons, and makeshift contraptions that can catch and kill sharks.
  • Raft upgrading, I notice there's an abundance of scrap metal, more than you can get of wood or thatch or food. I can literally fill entire 6 boxes of metal scraps in minutes because of how frequent and common they are, so being able to use them to upgrade your raft would make sense here.
  • Audio config, I don't know if it's just me but I find the game audio all that little too quiet to hear things going on properly, like the sound of the water, the shark attacking, cooking things, drinking and eating food, and the player character coughing when thirsty.
  • More craftables, I'd like to see some more craftables like beds which you can spawn back at if you happen to die. Boats and the sorts so you can venture the ocean to other places if implementing islands and other stuff you can visit for resources.
  • I'd like to see breaking down items gives you stuff back that was used in the making of it, instead of destroying them completely and getting nothing back.
  • Bigger item stacks, the current item stacks seems too small, I'd like to be able to stack at least 1,000 of each item in one storage slot.

well those are just the few things that come to mind for me anyway. Oh final thing is don't make the shark pass through the raft or attack raft parts that have support beams and walls on them.