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Cool idea! I think I got the Macguffium (it was the green bottle, right?)

I really like the atmosphere you set up. The color palette and music give this sense of urgent sleuthing. I think there's potential in the idea if you decide to build on it.

If you do decide to continue, here's just a few notes to consider:

Every time I tunneled it was in the direction I was walking. You could just make space do the tunneling. Or develop scenarios where the player has to walk one direction and then tunnel in another.

There are a lot of rooms to pass through and at some point I wasn't sure if I was making forward progress or back-tracking. Distinct landmarks every couple of rooms might help but I'm sure there are other ways you could solve that too.

Great job!

thank you! Yes the green bottle was the Macguffium. I'll most likely keep working on it in some form or another and probably work a bit more on level design.