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Dear, Cairn4 I have played the game i found out about via Youtube i love it totally worth the 3 dollars for download I was wondering 2 things the first being that could you add nanobot repair rooms which like room that auto repair the air leaking rooms automatically but make it done like via nanobots so that the bigger your base the more nanobot rooms you need or something like that (same could be applied for solar panels) and when is the next update and thanks Cairn4 for making me have no life again due to your awesome game taking up all of my time :) ps. you should add that awesome music in the menu screen to the actual game because the game is quiet without music and please make it possible to buy upgrades for our astronaut like a bigger oxygen tank maybe or more suit power thanks

Thanks for checking it out!

Yeah, if you have a massive base, the repair work can start getting overwhelming - so I should probably think of some way to help make it a tad easier.

Next update: I usually try to get updates out every 2 weeks or so, as my free-time allows :)

Music in-game: yes, it definitely needs some.

Suit upgrades: been thinking about upgrades overall recently (base modules, suit, etc) - I probably wont be getting to them super soon, but in general it seems like it'd be a good/logical feature to add.