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The collection above grew by like 50 items or so.

It is disheartening to see reported accounts publish yet another indexed game a week or more after being reported.

Or see original games here not on the index and the fake getting indexed or both appearing in search.

About 80 games on my list still exist. Oh, the older ones might be quarantined. But you can still download them, and the malware spreaders could use direct links and tell the gullible player some story as to why that message appears. It is not unusual to have false positives for indie games.

Whatever itch is doing to protect their users, it is not good enough. There are demonstrably several hacked accounts every day. It is as if there is no account protection whatsoever! And who knows what happens on the hacked systems. I have doubts that the payload is stealing credentials for an indie gaming platform.

And I shudder when I think about all the old scams that went undetected. It is a minefield.