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i dont know where else to put this so im sorry im putting this in the wrong place but the game lags just enough to where it throws off my aim with the hook and it makes it hard to collect anything so i dont get very far in the game and it made me stop playing the game but i keep watching one of my fave youtubers play the game and it makes me want to play it i love the game but even with my school laptops hd graphics card well any way its a think pad lenovo it sucks ik but its all i got right now if you guys could make the game run smoother with as less lag as possible that would be great i really want to play the game but it lags just enough to where the game is not playable in a fun way but a frustrating upsetting way the game is fun if it didnt lag so please make the game run smoother please?

and no i cant post the specs of my school laptop they have that blocked sorry but its a windows 8.1 64 bit thats all i know both the 64 bit version and the 32 bit version lag on my school laptop