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It is an existing project, but i've barely done anything in it, mostly just making maps. i wanted to wait to do much of anything involving variables and what not to make sure i didn't use up any since i knew i wanted to get some plugins, and as i said the issue with the time changing to midnight after closing the relationship manager is in the map that came with the plugin bundle, which also copied over to my game lol I'm pretty positive i've already gone through and checked to make sure the variables weren't already being used. i might just make a new file, copy your stuff first THEN the few things i have to make sure there's no crossovers, though i'm pretty sure there are none. being dyslexic makes it difficult for me to go back and forth between existing things and see all the info correctly so might just be easier to start over in a coherent way. wish RPG maker allowed you to " save as " an make a new file from an existing one instead of having to make an entirely new one from scratch every time haha

and its no problem, i don't mind waiting a while if need be, you've got your own stuff to deal with

I also wanted to add, that with the relationship manager, i'm not quite sure how to make it work properly, because i'm not sure what's wrong. i've double checked and every single variable, switch and common event are copied correctly, when i click an arrow key to scroll the list, it jumps to 2 or 3 instead of just 1 at a time, and there's a lag between movements, sometimes it does nothing, and its bugging out, my game keeps freezing if i do it too much. i actually had to task manger force shut down on it because it wouldn't close.
i imagine its something to do with another plugin, but the only ones i have that aren't visustella ( which affects the screen resolution ), is a zoom one, that allows me to adjust how zoomed in my screen is ( because its set to 1920 x 1080 and the character is TINY and too much of the map is visible. ) i have the show pictures plugin, which you also have so that's not the issue, and the " Galv's Layer Graphics MZ " for parallaxing. I tried disabling the 'zoom' and 'Galv's Layer Graphics MZ' plugins, and the issue didn't resolve. so its probably something to do with the screen resolution. the relationship manager window stays small, and is over to the left side with the res at 1920 x 1080, as it should, i'm going to have to recenter it if i figure out what's going on with the tabs. P:
The scrolling between characters in the manager works fine on your map, its only on mine where its doing that.