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Played the game as part of a 'random horror games' video. Not bad, but room for improvement! I give feedback in the video (your game is first!)

Hey :) thank you for the feedback. The game was made over like 5 weeks but that was while balancing other subjects at uni too, so i never got to finish the game how i would have wanted it. It seems that people sorta like it but want to see more, i never expected that. I was just going through and uploading all my old games, now i realise that with a few more weeks of work this could have actually been something pretty cool. Also yes all the assets are custom made because thats what i was being graded on. and when i made the game i was in a really naive place when it came to game design. all i wanted was things to be pretty and the narrative and experience came second and thats like the opposite of what horror should be. any way enough rambling :) thank you again for taking the time to play and give much useful feedback.