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go ahead :) id love to see what you can do in the roblox editor. 

Hey there, thanks for that :) and my games wont ever rely on jumpscares and thats a promise :)

Hey everyone, I’ve just started on a new game. make sure you follow my Twitter so you can stay up to date.


Hey everyone, I’ve just started on a new game. make sure you follow my Twitter so you can stay up to date.


Thank you everyone who’s viewed and downloaded janitors day. it means the world knowing what I’m doing is being enjoyed.

the doors become the enemy at that point :) my fav thing to do is see how long it takes to be pushed through the world.

Very true :) still working on my horror designing skills. I appreciate the feedback.

What’s dope is that thumbnail 

Thank you so much :) and you have a nice day as well!!

Hey I set up my paypal if you were still interested in supporting me :) if not that’s okay, I still appreciate you checking out my work.

Thank you everyone for playing and leaving comments as well as going out of your way to make videos :) it means a lot.

Hey :) thank you for playing, i'm currently working on another 'Horror' game at the moment, that should be done pretty soon so keep updated.

I just wanna thank everyone for playing and commenting, all of your feedback and support is such a motivation to keep making games. :) 

I’m actually interested in knowing what you didn’t like about the game. Though the comment was harsh it didn’t really give me things to improve on just like someone saying they like the game doesn’t give me an idea of what they exactly liked about it. I need feedback and constructive criticism to improve my work. Like if you hate the game that means you have a list of what you hate which means that’s a list of things I can improve on. the games on my itch are some of not only first games I’ve uploaded but first I’ve ever made in general. I’m in a place where every piece of feedback ‘that I take on board’ helps me so much. At this point I think I’m ranting ??? But the moral of the story is the more feedback I get the better The games I make will be. This hasn’t made me less proud of my game. It’s actually given me an insight to how I’m going to respond to criticism in the future. And also thank you TulipGames for standing up for us students.

Hey :) thank you for the feedback. The game was made over like 5 weeks but that was while balancing other subjects at uni too, so i never got to finish the game how i would have wanted it. It seems that people sorta like it but want to see more, i never expected that. I was just going through and uploading all my old games, now i realise that with a few more weeks of work this could have actually been something pretty cool. Also yes all the assets are custom made because thats what i was being graded on. and when i made the game i was in a really naive place when it came to game design. all i wanted was things to be pretty and the narrative and experience came second and thats like the opposite of what horror should be. any way enough rambling :) thank you again for taking the time to play and give much useful feedback.

I’ll see if I can go through and optimise the game :) it shouldn’t be too hard.

It is so strange seeing people play my games. Thank you so much for taking your time to play and make a video its amazing to see as a beginner game dev.

Hey :) thank you so much for playing. Also thank you for the feedback, only having 5 ish weeks to complete the game made having other people play test it a little difficult. So it’s always great to know what to do better next time :)

I agree with you about the feedback you can barely tell that you are hitting the enemies. And if I had more time music and sound would have been a great addition. Thank you for commenting :)