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Hi Alectric! I’ve read your comment and agree with many of the things you’ve said, especially that we should spend more time establishing relationships between the player and other entities of the game.

As for beating the game, the moral neutral ending which you achieved is currently the “best” ending. We haven’t implemented different endings for when the player is always moral versus when the player is sometimes moral/not immoral. 

Having said that, we gave more attention to the immoral endings, and have 2 endings based on the extent of your “immorality”. 

We plan to improve and add such features after the Community Game Jam ends (for which the theme was “Liar”, hence the misleading narrator and “prospect” bar in the top left.  

This game was made in a week and thus, we had to take some shortcuts and restrict the amount of content we could safely add to the game, as well as polish and play-test. 

Thank you for playing, and giving constructive criticism. We’ll take this into account when updating the game after the jam :D