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I'm most of the way through Chapter 4 now. I'll edit this comment when I finish. Never mind, can't finish in this version unless I use the cutscene skip.

I'm reaching the point where I can't even check the earlier chapters for typos any more, because I'm seeing what I expect to see instead of what's actually there (same reason proofreading your own work is hard).

(Aww, Arthur keeps getting mistaken for- wait, Arthur IS male? Apparently my bishounen detector is on the fritz. Did I call him a her already? I probably did... How did I not notice the uniform difference?)

Not really a bug, but Dark Wrath always does 0 damage in the first Impress fight (since she's not damaged), which is annoying because the Impress loves to cast it and the only way to end the fight is to lose everyone. Is it possible to make her only cast it if she's actually hurt?

It's not really clear which side you're supposed to be on in Underground Tunnel. Just having someone say something about protecting Hermina would help; I wasn't sure until I tried to attack her group and realized I couldn't.

This is a harem anime plot and I'm not okay with that. :P


  • After blowing everyone off and heading for the chest, Hermina gets stuck on a golem, preventing any further progression unless you skipped the cutscene.
    • I'm going to wait for an update rather than skipping ahead.
  • Minor tint bug in chapter 3:
    • Go upstairs, take the Daughters of Venus magazine. This will remove the red tint for the flash forward, and send you back downstairs without restoring the tint.
  • Game-state bug, tested in Chapter 3 (after DQC F1):
    • Go upstairs and activate the pile of rocks blocking the stairs up. Bianca and Amara will appear in their dorm room, even if they're in your party. Go back downstairs, and Aika will start giving her weapon shop tour again, but Shizuka will get stuck on a wall and the game will hang when she tries to go to the armor shop. Screenshot.
  • Update on that flash slash crash thing from a few posts back: attacking paralyzed enemies (Thunder Roulette causes paralysis sometimes) causes a crash with this message. Only physical attacks trigger it, not magic. Annoyingly, the delinquents in the secret tunnel just triggered it for me...
  • Unless you skip the cutscene at the end of Chapter 3, the 'evil hideout' theme will keep playing during the opening cutscene of Chapter 4.
  • Losing in DQC F3 returns you to the hub with 1 HP on all characters instead of game overing, even when replaying.
  • Arthur has no magic tab.
  • Arthur's Aura of Health implies it's a Splash-like AoE, but it's actually a more like Kiss Boo-Boos.
  • Girls are still visible after the end of the Chapter 4 start-cutscene, but not interactive.

Chapter 4 typos:

Chapter 3 typos:

Chapter 2 typos:

Humorous side note: Arthur's weapon sucks and the shop doesn't sell swords, so I gave him hellhound claws. And a matching outfit.