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Very good job on this game man! Funny, cool gameplay, charming atmosphere, all blend together for a very pleasant experience :D Most of all though, I need to congrats for your courage too, making a game featuring homosexuality so openly, exposing yourself to mean feedback and such, you need to be recognized for that too.

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for your project, It'd awesome to see more chapters of this adventure, perhaps starting from the first one? :D Cheers!

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Thanks! ^^ I'm happy that you enjoyed the game (and sorry about the bug at the end: somehow it never occurs to me that people would add a space in their name. So the code carefully checks that the player does not use "fire" or "open" as a name, but if you add a space... the game just breaks :-/ I'll fix this in the next update)

I've been a bit surprised, but so far there hasn't been any homophobic comments. People are just okay with everybody being gay in my game. Actually, for all I know even people from Russia enjoy it, so... that was unexpected :-)

PS: the thumbnail for your video is brilliant ;-)

Thanks man! Luckily people are changing their minds on this, hopefully you won't receive any mean comments in the future :D