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DevLog Day 6: January 7, 2016

Been sick the last two days and haven't been able to focus, so I didn't touch my game out of fear of doing something stupid and not being able to remember how I did it (or how to fix it). It didn't feel good to slack but it's probably for the best? Still not feeling 100% but I can focus and that's enough to work.

Decided to cave today and grabbed a sprite off of OpenGameArt.org that I spent today editing into my game. I didn't want what the sprite looked like so I got nitty and gritty with the sprite editer in GameMaker and retouched it to serve my purposes. It took a lot longer than I intended but I have a pretty nice looking sprite now (and it's way better than if I tried to animate it myself).

Speaking of animating: I rigged up a movement animation that plays when my character moves, as well as an idle animation that it defaults to when there's no motion. I also created mirrored sprites for when the player is left instead of right. There's probably a way to mirror the sprite via coding but I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. The move animation bugs out when interacting with my collision detection though; it plays the first frame of the move animation repeatedly as it approaches the obstacle. This bug is kinda on the backburner as I want to spend the next few days inserting enemies and also allowing you to fight said enemies.

Actually, I just realized that the sprite indexing I did was the first code I wrote myself without referring to a tutorial or guide for assistance. I feel good today even though I didn't get a whole lot done.

I'll end the update with a little fun fact since we're nearly at the halfway point of the jam: I called this game project "Enemies" because of the name I want to use for the finished game, which I've had rumbling around in my head for nearly 2 years. The name I want shortens down relatively efficiently to "NMES." I'll probably give up the goat on the title on the last day of the jam but until then it's a fun little mystery.