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Why is your bother hiding in the closet in your bedroom???

omg please do more vids doing this on other games

Let me know what games and I'll gladly do it

How about Don't Take This Risk?

Cause I'm an asshole ^^

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I actually just posted one recently for Blacksmith Simulator and Im planning something for Ancient Warfare

Here is the video I did on Blacksmith Simulator

But I'll see what can be done for DTTR but I'm not too sure as the game engine that's used is Ren'py which I think encrypts all of its files so it might not be worth the time to do

oh really D: I didn't know that about Renpy games, thats understandable then ^^ I'll check out the blacksmith video tho :3 I just like suggesting games that I think will make people squirm -w-