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Pretty fun game, but I have some complaints. None of the circuits shown in this game are possible because of one simple reason. Since it's obvious that the circuits on the circuite boards and bombs are powered by a simple battery, the circuits shouldn't be able to receive any power if they don't have any NEUTRAL WIRES! That's how the basics of electronics work, and you failed at that in the first tutorial. It's a fun game, obviously meant for an audience who isn't fafmilier with the basics of electronics, but the no neutral wire thing kinda bothered me the entire time I played. Also, of coarse wires are kinda like traces because they ARE traces, at least the shorter ones used in circuits are. On a higher note, I have a suggestion for your game. You could add a custom mode where players could use a bread board (a tool used for making temporary circuits) to make their own puzzles. If you include neutral wires, this game could be very educational for learning about electronics and stuff. Or just leave it as a fun little puzzle game with a bunch of puzzles. Thanks for reading my review and suggestions!


Thanks for your comment! You are correct that the circuits wouldn't actually work because there is no current return path anywhere. Similarly, logic gates usually need separate power supplies as well. We just decided to make things simpler to keep puzzles manageable.

The ability to make your own boards is the single most requested feature, but it's also the most complicated to implement, so I can't say right now if we'll be able to add it. If the full game does well, then it's possible we will!

Well, thanks for replying. Your game really is a fun one, and I hope it does well. Have a mira day!