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Oh man! Thanks a lot!!!!

Hi pesco! You're absolutely right, and your suggestions are perfect!

The game will definitely be on, probably in the next week or two. Thanks!

Thanks @leafshade, very glad you like the game! Only a couple of weeks before the game is released!

Thanks for your comment! You are correct that the circuits wouldn't actually work because there is no current return path anywhere. Similarly, logic gates usually need separate power supplies as well. We just decided to make things simpler to keep puzzles manageable.

The ability to make your own boards is the single most requested feature, but it's also the most complicated to implement, so I can't say right now if we'll be able to add it. If the full game does well, then it's possible we will!

Awesome video!

Thanks for the support! We are still working on the game and on track to release this quarter.

Yeah it is definitely easier when you are familiar with logic. The full game will also have a mode without the dotted curent lines, which is way harder. In fact it originally didn't have the current lines, but was too hard for most people. :)

Thank you! We're working hard at it!

Thanks for the video! You did pretty good, overall! :)

Thanks! Your video was really fun!

Glad you liked the game! Loved the energy!

Thanks for the video! I'm curious, did you think that last puzzle was too hard?

Thanks for noticing, will fix :)


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for making a let's play :)

Thank you! Really glad you liked it! A level maker is definitely the thing people have asked for the most, but it's also the most complicated, so no promises yet! :)

Thank you, and thank you for the video! There are many more elements and combinations coming!

Thank you!

OMG You're hilarious! Glad you liked the game. Working hard to add more things indeed! :)

Thank you for the video, it was fun to watch you figure things out!

Thanks for this! Sorry you ran into a couple bugs like the wires not cutting (we're working on it!). I have to say I was pretty happy when you blew yourself up right after bragging about your perfect run! :D