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what I think will be good is:

more kinds of fish

more weapons (bow would be a good one)

add birds maybe

and the last one I think will be good is or an island in the island there will be maybe animals (like cows) which you can breed and also hostile animals (boar,bear,wolf) will be some great examples. the axe will be more useful there for chopping down trees. and my favorite idea, add canibals or wild people in the island.

thanks for reading!!! I love your game developer but I think at least one of these small changes will change this game for good and it will be more fun to play.

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I like your ideas because wild animals uff if it would be worth it, Otracosa that I would really love to put treasures or trophies if you understand that if you complete all you win something serious mut mut. To add boats to register

Please if you like my idea I like it if you can see if they imlementan changes