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The sad truth is, all the people that did get infected and hacked did not recognise those scams. Obviously.

I don't blame them. Itch is a legit site. One would not expect malware here.

I do not know what can be done about it. On the cheap, that is. But I would start with better account protection, like detecting the hijack.

On client side, people can be more careful and mistrusting. But for that they have to be aware of certain facts. Really aware. Like people being too lazy to report scams and scammers being able to upload them, because developers are not verified and automated scans can only detect so much.

So my best advice is the title of this thread. Do not download things. If you are aware, you will be more sceptical about any gifted horses, there might be trojans hiding inside.

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I must agree. Anyways, I have something you might like.