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Bought, and really enjoyed the game, but only a few things;

Can we get an options menu in the main menu?

I found that sound settings were only for that specific "life" if you will. It would be nice for some resolution controls too, at least a windowed mode.

Classic FPS Controls/Keybindings?

It would be really nice to be able to use traditional FPS controls (Arrow Keys + Ctrl) so being able to set keybindings would be nice too.

Overall it's a great game for $5 but I think that it needs a little more tweaking before it hits Steam.

Thank you for purchasing! I agree with your assessment; the game will definitely require tweaking before the Steam launch. There are likely a couple bugs still floating around and the general interface needs improvement. Rest assured this will be fixed before the Steam release.


I'm going to go sink some more time into this now!

If we do run into any issues (bugs) or have any suggestions, where is it best to reach you?

A support email should have displayed when the game was purchased; that's probably the best place to report any issues. I would post it here but I want to discourage spam. Let me know if you can't find and I can try to message it to you privately (assuming itch supports that kind of thing).