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Thanks for this comment! I'll try to reply to all of your points.

I can agree, the game can feel pretty discouraging if you pick a wrong door and have to retry from scratch. Thing is I could probably add a checkpoint system at some specific rooms to permit the player to restart from them. This could be an update.

The level design and the puzzles were quite hard to find for this game format, especially with 7 days. The one you mentioned is the one I dislike the most to be honest - it is ok but could be better. With more time I could probably have more levels with better puzzles. 

I kind of disagree about the character, to me it is fitting great with the environment (I've restarted it three time), but that's my personal point of view :)

I didn't think about the tutorial that way... Could be good if the E was also skipping the dialog when you have to use T.

Thanks for your time writing this!