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Dude Nick you need a bell or something on you. I was looking at the door wondering what I need to do thinking I was letting someone in then turned around and you was right behind me so close you could smell me. when I turned around I went "AW FUCK!" and jumped back. Would not have got me as much if ya did not have a kind of manikiny look but eh it was fun. after the heart attack. Mostly just watched tv.


sorry, i sometimes do that to people. i love tv!


It is fine. I have seen a lot of people in my years that wanted to kill me. Some that pretended to try and scare me. So I was sure you did not want to. And if you did eh as I tell them I die I die. Did fall asleep on your couch thow. And when my brother played he did hide and seek as well as peekaboo. He comes over to play a lot.