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hey! thanks for coming over! i also wished i had food and toilet paper ;-;

thanks so much appreciate it! <3

thank u as well for both! <3

follow ur HEART and all will be revealed

a comment so nice you posted it twice 💟

thanks! Love the vid

hey thanks! That's really kind of u. Thank u for being a good guest

thanks! I'm glad u had a better than average time! I mean u came over to my house so....

ugh I hate water. Thanks for the clothes but I have enough of them, have u seen my closets? A mess indeed

No trolls, just humans. Unless someone added a troll to my game!? 😒

sometimes u do what u can to keep ur friends safe

love milk, love baths.

That depends on if ur older than 57

thanks! I hope u find what ur looking for, play my new game, I'm told it's not bad

thanks for making a video! It's great! I feel like I'm there, always

aint no place to hide in my happy home 😏

what are YOU really hiding? 🤔

thanks! It's a hot new band with an EP coming soon!

what exactly is wrong with the floor? Also, not my brother, it's my clone, as evidenced by the cloning machine in the basement

thanks so much for making a video! this is great!

thank you so much thats so sweet!! <3<3<3

you would never be a bad house guest bc u came and visited me and that makes u perfect in my book ; )

thank you so much! im glad you enjoyed it! im working on that ; )

thank you so much for making a video! i feel like im there with you physically, like im always there with you in spirit

im sorry : (

thanks! thats so kind of you to say!

(1 edit)

i had plans for the closet but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thanks for your dedication! <3<3<3


oh i thought it was rhetorical

sorry, i sometimes do that to people. i love tv!

thats great!

the next version will come with smell-o-vision, which is actually a really fantastic idea!

its just a closet, with general closet things inside...

thanks so much! youre so nice! i also like my restrooms

thanks so much for making a video! it means a lot!


thanks for the kind words!

my brother's not dead...

thanks so much for making that video! my memory isnt as good as it once was : (

and thanks for your kind words!

thanks! you as well! so nice.

thanks so much! thats so nice of you to say!