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Didn't even mention I have BOUGHT the game! Yet you are saying even I have to wait for the free version to download it! So what's the point of buying your game?!!!

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UK John, you did mention that you BOUGHT the game :

I bought this game, and interestingly, I can download the update here for free, but this update is NOT on my download page!

What NiiChan is saying is you can download for the game for free, but if you support the project via Patreon, you will get early updates.

There are many games on Itch that use the same model for downloading for free or support the developers via Patreon and get the updates first..


So you have just proved there is no point buying a game on Thank you for agreeing with me!

You're not buying anything. It's free. You are giving a completely optional donation. If you have just been clicking the default pay amount every time you download something off of this website I feel really bad for you. Learning to read would benefit you a lot.


Funny, Itch tells me I bought it. Now it's a donation. Again, thank you for telling me there is no point giving any money to any developer!