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I'm not sure, I need a bit more information to help you. For starters can you upload a screen shot of that happening? (The thing with the big red exclamation point I mean)

Here it is, Sorry for the long wait. The loading bar reaches about 40-50% then closes.

Thanks for answering back!

That dialogue box isn't supposed to appear when running the game. At least I haven't ever seen it when running any Unity game.

Based on what I read on several forums, the problem is (probably) caused by an app called "Citrix Worspace".  Here is a post explaining it in more detail and how to solve the problem (

If you do not have this app installed, let me know so that I can investigate further.

I do not have that app installed.  

Does it work when you run it on a different machine?

Unfortunately I do not have another device to troubleshoot on. Oh well maybe it will work someday. Thanks for troubleshooting with me

I'm making the next demo of Normalin on a more stable version of Unity.

Perhaps it will work on that version or I manage to find a way to fix the problem by then.

No worries. I'm sure it's something in my end. Your previous game worked for me.