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You say buying 0.6 gets you 0.1 to 0.6, but you don't say 0.7 and beyond are included in the price or whether you will charge extra! Please let us know!

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Hi, as it's mentioned in the page.

There are 2 ways to access "Agent Horny":

1. (Patreon) where you can support my project on a monthly basis, download every update from the $5 tier, and get access to Patreon-exclusive perks.

2. ( Every update will be released on as a separate project on the same day as the $5 tier patreon release. Follow my profile to stay up to date. When you pick this option, you get the current and all previous updates. (V0.1-V0.6 Full).

In other words, each release on itch contains only the content released so far (it won't be updated with the new versions). Alternatively, you can get the season pass, which will cover the updates up until V1.0.