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Just got done recording this episode! I'm a bit sad it was only like 35 minutes like and not like 45 minutes long, but it was a really great episode! I can't wait till episode 7 comes out!

By the was do you have any clue on how long this series would go for? I would love it to go on for like atleast 30 parts lol

Thanks Nami for bringing both of my babies Mochi and Treat back to life in this episode! I wasn't able to play it when I first got it due to pc issues and internet issues and life issues. But when I did I was so happy on how it turned out and it makes me sit here and wonder... Should I create my own RPG Maker Games? I made sprites of mine and my boyfriends original character like 10 months ago (they are long lost now) and I think I improved in doing sprite art.

Sorry for the ramble! Anyways. Great game. I love this series and I hope you will be continuing for as long as you can!


thank you so much, i'm glad you finally got to play! the full series is planned to have 8 or 9 parts but i love making spinoff games and comics so treat is potentially endless.

games are really fun and rewarding to make so i hope you do decide to make your own! thanks again <3